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Hybrid Pulse Capacitor
(HPC) batteries

  • Products Overview
  • Specifications
  • Applications
Hybrid Pulse Capacitor (HPC) batteries

HPC series are named as Hybrid Pulse Capacitor, a kind of new hybrid pulse capacitor integrating lithium-ion battery technology and super capacitor technology.

HPC Series industrial grade Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries address the inherent drawbacks of standard consumer grade rechargeable Lithium-ion cells, which include 5-year maximum operating life and/or 500 full charging cycles, high annual self-discharge (up to 60% per year), a limited temperature range (-20°C to 60°C), an inability to deliver high pulses, and no possibility of recharging at extreme temperatures.

The traditional super capacitor is low in voltage, too small in the storage capacity, and too short in the tolerable pulse time. HPC series can achieve 4.1V in maximum voltage. In capacity and in discharging time, it is greatly improved against the traditional super capacitor. HPC series have perfect performance in low self-discharge rate (to the level of primary lithium battery), which is incomparable by the traditional super capacitor.

HPC Series Li-ion batteries can deliver up to 20-year operating life with 5,000 full recharge cycles. These batteries can also store the high current pulses required for advanced two-way wireless communications, and have an extended temperature range of -40°C to 85°C, with storage up to 90°C, under extreme environmental conditions.

HPC Series cells can be recharged using DC power or teamed with photovoltaic solar systems or other energy harvesting devices to deliver reliable long-term power. HPC Series batteries are available in standard AA and AAA configurations, and custom battery packs.


  • Energy harvesting
  • Remote monitoring
  • Asset tracking
  • Industrial automation
  • M2M communications
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)


  • Longer operating life (20 years)
  • Up to 10 times more life cycles (5,000 full cycles)
  • Wider operating temp. (-40°C to 85°C, storage up to 90°C)
  • Delivers high current pulses (up to 5A for AA cell)
  • Low annual self-discharge rate (less than 5% per year)
  • Charging at extreme temperatures (-40°C to 85°C)
  • Glass-to metal hermetic seal (vs. crimped seals)


  • Automatic Message Recording
  • System Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Data loggers
  • Measurement while drilling
  • GPS emergency locators
  • Animal tracking devices
  • GPS asset/container tracking
  • GPS vehicle tracking
  • Oceanographic measurement
  • Environmental Measurement
  • Sonobuoys
  • Military & Aerospace system
  • RFID devices


Hybrid Pulse Capacitor Specifications 1:
Model No Max. Capacity Standard charge and
discharge current
discharge current
Max. pulse
discharge current
Impedance Dimensions Dia./H Weight
mAh mA mA mA mW mm g
HPC1020 30 ?8/15 250 ?800 ≤350 ≤10*20 ?4.5
HPC1520 90 20/50 500 2000 ≤250 ≤15.1*20 9.0
HPC1530 155 50/125 750 3000 ≤140 ≤15.1*30 10.0
HPC1550 400 100/250 2000 5000 ≤100 ≤15.1*50.3 20.0
  • Notes
  • Max. charge Voltage/ Discharge termination voltage :4.1V/2.5V
  • Operating temperature:-40℃~+85℃
  • Shelf life at different storage temperature to 80% of initial capacity:
    20℃:3 years(HPC), 10 years(HPC+ER)
    60℃:4 weeks(HPC), 7 years(HPC+ER)
    80℃:1 weeks(HPC), At least 1 years(HPC+ER)

Hybrid Pulse Capacitor Specifications 2:
Model No. Nominal Capacity Nominal Voltage Max. pulse
discharge current
mAh V mA   g
HPC1520+ER14250 1200 ?3.65 ?2000 2/5AA +1/2AA ?19
HPC1520+ER14335 1650 ?3.65 ?2000 2/5AA+2/3AA ?22
HPC1520+ER14505 2400 ?3.65 ?2000 2/5AA+AA ?28
HPC1520+ER17335 2100 ?3.65 ?2000 2/5AA+2/3A ?27
HPC1520+ER26500 8500 ?3.65 ?2000 2/5AA+C ?62
HPC1520+ER34615 19000 ?3.65 ?2000 2/5AA+D 114
HPC1530+ER14250 1200 ?3.65 ?3000 3/5AA +1/2AA ?20
HPC1530+ER14335 1650 ?3.65 ?3000 3/5AA+2/3AA ?23
HPC1530+ER14505 2400 ?3.65 ?3000 3/5AA+AA 29
HPC1530+ER17335 2100 ?3.65 ?3000 3/5AA+2/3A 28
HPC1530+ER17505 3400 ?3.65 ?3000 3/5AA+ A 34
HPC1530+ER26500 8500 ?3.65 ?3000 3/5AA+C ?63
HPC1530+ER34615 19000 ?3.65 ?3000 3/5AA+D 115
HPC1550+ER14335 1650 ?3.65 ?5000 ?AA+2/3AA ?33
HPC1550+ER14505 2400 ?3.65 ?5000 ?AA+AA 39
HPC1550+ER17335 2100 ?3.65 ?5000 ?AA+2/3A 38
HPC1550+ER17505 3400 ?3.65 ?5000 ?AA+ A 44
HPC1550+ER26500 8500 ?3.65 ?5000 ?AA+C 73
HPC1550+ER34615 19000 ?3.65 ?5000 ?AA+D 125

Remark: The HPC+ER battery pack is able to provide high pulse drain, mainly used for GSM/4G/NB-IOT applications. Above pack solutions offer various options for different capacity, dimension, lifespan requirements.


Product Overview
The Hybrid Pulse Capacitor battery(HPC) is an energy storage device with the latest and cutting-edge technologies. With HPC, Yinyoo offers a power solution for long life, with high pulse current drain and passivation sensitive application. The solution is a combination of lithium thionyl chloride(ER) batteries + HPC..

Key Features

  • High and stable voltage 3.6 V (optional 3.9 V)
  • High pulse current capability
  • Long operating life
  • Wide operating temperature range(-40℃~+85℃)
  • Very low self-discharge (less than 2 % per year)
  • Outstanding storage capability
  • High safe reliability (hermetic laser sealing,UL1642, UN38.3, ATEX, ROHS, etc.)
  • Light-weight

1、Urban Smart Parking System

SZRTC is a smart parking system widely used in Shenzhen city to manage the side parking of public road. With IOT device+PDA(inspector)+Payment online+Vehicle info collection, the traffic and side parking are well controlled.


2、Share bike lock system

With wireless communication and App in mobile phone, users can unlock the bike by scanning the QR code, which helps to solve the last one km problem from Metro.


3、Smart water meter

NB-IOT technology helps to reduce labor cost of employees by using the HPC battery through LPWAN, to realize long distance data transfer with low power, safety.


4、Animal tracking system

IOT smart animal tracking system is awarded in China 12th Five-Year plan technology Expo.



5、Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system

The ETC system currently is most advanced smart toll collection in the world, HPC battery and solar panel provide the power to guarantee the communication during the high way exit without manual toll collection.


6、Smart logistics – GPS asset/container tracking system

With solar panel and HPC+ER battery system, the container tracking can be used for several years, this helps the clients to know the goods location in real time, guarantee the goods safety and manage the exact delivery.